Thursday, 9 October 2014

Self-sown opium poppy seedlings

Opium poppies last summer.  These were grown in dirt dug from the drainage ditch at the front of the house, and it was likely sprayed at some point.  So I didn't bother to save any seed.

And the surrounding area as of today.  The green frilly leaves that dominate the area around the barrow are poppy leaves, from self-sown seedlings.  I'm quite happy with how well they've come up, given that my feathered gardeners do a pretty good job of weeding by scratching up all dirt they can access, either covered or uncovered.

I'll scatter some more seed over the top and perhaps get a succession of poppies coming up. Maybe I'll get enough poppy seeds this year to save for cooking.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Garden Beds

Two photos over half a month of my paddock hugelkultur bed #1. It isn't obvious but these have really taken off, and the brocolli is likely as big as it's going to get. Not sure how to tell when it is ready to pick.

Garden Bed, Paddock NW - 2014-08-13

Garden Bed, Paddock NW - 2014-08-29

Two photos over half a month of my house north garden bed. You can see how much the peas, kale and cauliflower have taken off. The seaweed tea helped a lot with that, as well as.. watering the obviously dehydrated cauliflower.

Garden Bed, House North - 2014-07-31 - 01

Garden Bed, House North - 2014-08-13 - 01

And finally, I cleared my hut corner garden bed. This is where I am going to plant a herb garden.

Garden Bed, Hut Corner - 2014-09-02

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hazelnut Plantings

I finally got around to planting out most of my hazelnut. This is the first planting. It's planted as an experimental hedge section, quite close together in a line. There's another planting in a different style, which I haven't photographed yet, intended for a different purpose. And still some more I discovered under a tarp I still have yet to plant out.

Hazelnut - North Field - 2014-09-06 - 01 - Planting