Saturday, 21 May 2011

Freshmark snacks

Conveniently, there's a convenience store called Freshmart just outside my metro stop. So I'll stop in there and see what snacks are left on the shelves on the way home. Here are two of their snacks that I bought a month or so ago.

I've posted before about yóu tiáo (油条). In this case, they've been made into a burrito. I seem to recall this tasting savoury, but nothing special.

2011-04-02 - Freshmart snack - 01 - Fried oil stick burrito

And they also have salads which are more or less reasonably priced. This one actually looks quite appetising in the photo, not that it wasn't edible.

2011-04-02 - Freshmart snack - 02 - Salad

I can also pay my bills are Freshmart, so whenever the gas, water, power or whatever company pushes a bill into my mailbox I can just pop across the road and pay it with little effort. Speaking of which, there are two on my shelf at the moment I need to take over there.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

A real Imaginary Realities mirror

Probably over a year or two ago now, Fred Clift replied to a message I sent to the a mailing list and mentioned he had a full mirror of Imaginary Realities. Up to this point, the best mirror was the text only copy hosted at this site. However, the full mirror was not really usable as-is. The index pages were missing and javascript redirected every visitor to the original now defunct URL of the site. So it sat on my hard drive until now.

I've finally had the chance to process the files and put them up for browsing in all their glory. Note that one author does not want their article published any more and requested it be removed from the old mirror, so it has been removed from this one as well. Both the mirror and the downloadable snapshot have had it removed.


Download: (13.7 MB)

Unfortunately, it is unlikely the forum threads associated with each article will ever be recovered. Both them and the rest of the forum contents. If someone else mirrored this, and happens to have a copy I'd like to find out otherwise though. But MUD forums come and go all the time, all the time and effort discussing things going to waste. Imaginary Realities, MUDMagic, ... Anyway, enjoy the mirror.