Sunday, 9 January 2011

Peppered peanuts

It's hard to find decent snacks in the super market, I often end up just buying yogurt. At a loss for something, and feeling like I had to eat something, I grabbed these.

2011-01-09 - Snack - 01 - Chilli pepper peanuts

Eating them straight out of the packet was rather disappointing, they just taste kind of hot and burnt. Reminiscent of the fact that peanuts are carcinogenic. Pouring them out of the packet, and eating them from the plate however was much more satisfying.

2011-01-09 - Snack - 02 - Chilli pepper peanuts plate

They were much nicer if you didn't eat the spices, the dried red chillies and Szechwan peppercorns.

2011-01-09 - Snack - 03 - Chilli pepper peanuts closeup

Would consider buying again.

Vending machine snacks

Despite not being hungry, I feel like junk food, so..

2011-01-09 - Junk food - 01 - Peach gummy packet

And the standard looking lumps of sugar.

2011-01-09 - Junk food - 02 - Peach gummy lollies

If you make a coffee drink and put it in a vending machine, it does not have to be that good. Someone's going to buy it. In this case me..

2011-01-09 - Junk food - 03 - Coffee drink

Power restaurant - Intestine noodles

Back to Power restaurant..

2011-01-04 - Power restaurant - 01 - Outside

I picked a random noodle dish from the menu - it's all Chinese to me.. I went to sit down at a table, and noticed that one of the workers who was sitting at another table was called over to the counter where the cooks place the prepared dishes. She looked over at me and laughed, and I wondered what I had done wrong.

Then this came to the table..

2011-01-09 - Meal - 01 - Intestine noodles

I went back to the receipt and checked what I had ordered. Sesame/flax something something INTESTINES!? noodles. Oops.

2011-01-09 - Meal - 03 - Intestine noodle receipt

Hmm. Not my thing. Tried eating a little, but wasn't really hungry enough to make a go of it.

2011-01-09 - Meal - 02 - Intestine closeup