Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Junk food update

Another batch of fortifying non-traditional cold medicine.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 03 - Four somethings

Chocolate and coconut are two flavours which go together, so biscuits on the shelf that promise to combine both are worth trying.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 05 - Nisson Butter Coconuts Chocolate packet

Tasting nothing like coconut or chocolate, I barely ate a mouthful and threw the packet out.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 09 - Nisson Butter Coconuts Chocolate biscuit

This Glico brand seems quite reputable. Decided to buy some of their chocolate cookies.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 04 - Glico Q-Cookie Chocolate packet

I'd make a joke about how some lady left behind a container full of dog leavings which she'd been picking up, but I don't know what that would be doing here. These were okay, but too small to really satisfy.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 08 - Glico Q-Cookie Chocolate biscuits

Dried fish is always good. And they have a variety of it here in the supermarkets.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 07 - Dried fish packet

Unfortunately, this is too sweet. The sweetness takes away from the savoury taste of dried fish that makes it satisfying. And the fish tastes.. moist. Way to ruin something good fish packagers.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 11 - Dried fish

These looked like the only dried kiwifruit that is not coated in sugar.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 06 - Dried kiwifruit packet

In fact, they seem to be just dried. Although again, dried food that doesn't have the feel and texture of something dehydrated. Moist tasting again.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 10 - Dried kiwifruit pieces

Junk food update

In order to fortify oneself against the flu here, one needs to consume an abundance of energy and forget that nutrition gobble gook. Protective layers of fat are what one needs. To that end, I have been building up mine with the following items.

Haochi means delicious, so therefore these were an easy choice out of the hotel vending machine. I think they cost 6 RMB.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 01 - Haochidian packet

They would be good with a cup of tea, if I could drink milky tea anymore. Not a bad flavour, but I think delicious is hopeful thinking.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 02 - Haochidian biscuits

Dried apricots are always a good bet. I think this packet cost 2 RMB from the hotel vending machine, they must only refill the vending machine once a month, so it'll be another 30 days before I can eat more as the slot they are served from is now empty.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 03 - Xing Pu packet

Yep, look and taste just like dried apricots even if they are called xing pu here.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 04 - Xing Pu pieces

Chocolate collon, there's a joke here somewhere. Well anyway, they taste pretty good and a box is only 6 RMB from the vending machine. The filling is a little slimey for my liking.. but hey.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 05 - Chocolate Collon packet

Here's what the pieces look like.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 06 - Chocolate Collon pieces

One thing I like about some of the fruit drinks here in China, is that they are not just a sugar-laden fruit flavoured drink. They are also saturated with actual fruit, particles or chunks of the fruit flesh inside.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Junk food - 07 - Peach Juice packet

Work had these little packets with small coffee-flavoured cake things inside. So, looking for the brand in the supermarket across the road and up the stairs, here's what I found.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 01 - Lotte Capuccino packet

Not quite the same, but at least I can take heart in the way they share the wholesome sheen of the picture on the packet. The ones at work had a brown filling, less reminiscent of some rancid white cream.

2010-11-14 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 02 - Lotte Capuccino piece

New hotel view

A view from my new hotel room. Took it because it was extremely smoggy.. erm, I mean the vista was especially stunning.

2010-11-07 - Shanghai - Hotel - 01 - Window view