Sunday, 9 May 2010

Watersliders in Basque Park

I live nearby to Basque Park in Auckland. Over a month or so, some people would set up a waterslide using sheets of polyeurethane and a nearby hose. Most people who use this non-dog park are people who let their dogs off the leash to poop or jump on top of sunbathers.

2010-02-21 - Basque Park - 01 - Waterslide

Griffins Krispie Biscuits

Since I have returned to New Zealand, I've tried a wide range of biscuits and generally been pretty disappointed with them all. The common factor is that they all taste like a commercial approximation of what they should be, that falls nearer something concentrating on reduced price than what the product should taste like.

Now, Griffins Krispie biscuits are more than likely only sugar, flour and coconut, but they're also one of the few biscuits I enjoyed.

2010-03-24 - Griffins Krispie Biscuits - 01 - Packet

Observe shaped forms of flour..

2010-03-24 - Griffins Krispie Biscuits - 02 - Biscuits

Kings Roast

Occasionally, I walk down New North Road and notice Kings Roast. One of the places I enjoyed meals from in Atlanta, was a nearby franchise of Boston Market. Well, apart from the cornbread, a strange form of food with a flavour akin to a combination of sand, woodchips and sugar (or more likely corn syrup).

2010-03-26 - Kings Roast - 01 - Store

They do a wide range of meals, in this case I chose the chicken one. A roast meal isn't a roast meal without kumara, although they tended to give out more potato than kumara. But with enough gravy, it all tastes good.

2010-03-26 - Kings Roast - 02 - Meal

Definitely worth a revisit. Although several months have passed, and I haven't been back, due to frugality.