Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Drying seed

Here's both my red ursa kale seed and garlic heads drying in the shed.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-24 - 01 - Drying in shed

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Unharvested garlic results

I'd heard someone say that if you didn't harvest a head of garlic, what would grow would be small due to the lack of space the clustered bulbs would have.  I noticed in late Summer/Autumn 2015 that I'd missed some (likely I'd been pulling them out of the sandy bed by  their stalks and the stalks broke off) as they's already started sprouting.

So, returning to that bed, when I was down to the last two "volunteers" I decided to photograph them.  There are two resprouted heads here.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 04 - Last years survivors undug

And here are the heads dug up and laid out in approximately the same places.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 06 - Last years survivors dug

The head on the left produced small and poxy heads.  And the head on the right produced decent sized heads.  My vague recollection was that out of the eight or so "volunteer" heads, only two were small and poxy, and the other six were decent sized. I wish I'd been more proactive in taking photos to be sure.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Harvesting the garlic

The Summer 2015 garlic harvest was rather lackluster, likely because of a lack of water. Winter 2015 I planted a lot more, and made sure to water it at least once a week if it hadn't rained that week.

The following photo is of the main bed with perhaps 2/3 to 3/4 of the garlic still to harvest.  The garlic along the far right hand side and end of the bed, seemed to sprout months after the near end.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 01 - Bed

A decent sized head.  It rained for several days before the photo, and this bed is still mucky, so most heads are hard to clean of dirt.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 03 - Head dug

This bin contains all the garlic that remained in the bed above, and a few more that were lost in Summer 2015's harvest and regrew in that garden bed.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 07 - Days harvest

The garlic that sprouted and put leaves out earlier grew to a decent size.  I'll set aside the best heads and in Winter 2016 plant at least twice as much.  After all, garlic goes for $20+NZ a kilo here.