Friday, 27 September 2013

Old Bejing home occasion dishes

I don't know what the name of this place was, but the specials board caught my eye as I was walking randomly around Beijing. The sign at the top says laobeijingjiachangcai, which I vaguely interpret using my declining chinese reading skills, as saying "old beijing home occasion dishes."

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 01 - Store front

Here's a close up of the store front menu, where there was a special on crab for Friday.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 02 - Store front menu

The service was nice enough, and there weren't many people there.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 03 - Inside

The szechuan peppercorn bean dish was not the nicest I had tasted.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 04 - Szechuan peppercorn beans

The fried crabs with spicy salt were okay, but nothing really special. They'd be a nice bar food I guess, with some beer to wash them down.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 05 - Fried crabs with spicy salt

Unfortunately, I didn't photograph the receipt for this place.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Foggy weather

On one of the few days with seasonable winter weather, there was heavy fog that lasted over night.  It's quite nice to go running in, when I go in the morning.  Although when I do, it makes me think of the roving pack of wild dogs Liza had in her neighbourhood in Atlanta.  At least we only had double shootings and muggings at knife-point in mine.

2013-08-11 - Gate view - 01 - Foggy weather
Heavy fog out the gate.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Elephant garlic

Have I eaten elephant garlic? Yes. Do I remember what it tastes like? No idea. I think that I remember it as being pretty tasteless, and I wouldn't bother to have planted any, except I was given a packet.

2013-08-13 - Elephant Garlic - 01 - Packet front
Packet front.
2013-08-13 - Elephant Garlic - 02 - Packet back
Packet back.
It's in the ground beside my normal garlic, and took maybe two minutes to plant.

2013-08-13 - Elephant Garlic - 03 - Planted uncovered
I can always give it away.