Saturday, 25 January 2014

Imaginary Realities article deadline approaching

The article submission deadline is at the end of January, or around six days away.  If you're working on an article, keep this in mind.  If you still wish to work on an article, and can get it done in time, please get in touch.

We've already received two articles of around six offered.  Unfortunately, there wasn't as many articles offered this time around, but if the rest of the articles pan out we should have enough for a reasonably sized issue.

Stackless Python 2.7.6

I've finally completed the last part of the Stackless Python release process for our fork of Python 2.7.6.  We're a little behind on a few releases, but the source code for all of them has been  stable and working in the Mercurial repository in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, due to the political problems that have arisen with our Stackless 2.8 work, we've taken the repository private until we've addressed them.

Thanks to Robert Babiak for the MacOS installer, and Anselm Kruis for the Windows installers, the documentation and setting up readthedocs accessible through the documentation link below.