Friday, 17 September 2010

Commando Chicken delivery

Brasa Chicken, my delivery food of choice, is going through a bad patch. They've had to close down all their branches, and rehire new staff, or something. Then since reopening, when I arrange a delivery during their opening times, they've sometimes "been out of chicken" or "not open". And this has been ordering through the third-party Sherpas delivery service, since none of the reopened stored are near me, and I can't rely on their delivery service to deliver warm chicken in a timely fashion.

So I decided to try another outfit, Commando Chicken. Where Brasa do marinated for 24 hours or something Peruvian style, Commando do rotisserie style.

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Commando Chicken - 01 - Package

The chicken came with some black hair-like stuff on top. I think it was very crispy rosemary, and not clumps of burnt basted downstairs thatch. It wasn't very flavourful or juicy, although on the other hand it wasn't dry and completely tasteless. The fries were tasteless McDonalds style. Eating this, made me want Munchies fries.

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Commando Chicken - 02 - Contents

Street food yet again

I was walking back from shopping at a foreigner-oriented store, and was passing the street vendor I had taken the following photo of, in this previous post. As it is Friday, I decided to buy some of their wares.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - 03 - Street food vendor

I call this one "weed bundle".

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 01 - Weed bundle

Here's why..

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 02 - Weed bundle innards

Some cooked vegetables just seem suited for wrapping in a fried casing. Think leeks, and then think how they would taste well cooked and wrapped in a fried casing. It isn't something aimed at the palate of a westerner like myself.

Another new item I decided to try, is this flat bun. I was expecting something to be inside it, and for it to be something like those ones that have bean paste inside. In retrospect, I am calling this one "stale flat bun".

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 03 - Stale flat bun

You can see how stale it is, just by looking at it.

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 04 - Stale flat bun innards

I also bought some of the standard "pancake". This wasn't altogether bad, but it was the worst pancake I have bought yet. Maybe buying it at this time of the day, just gets you the ones that have been sitting there for a while.

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 05 - Pancake