Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bottling My Apple Cider Vinegar

I was a little hesitant to pick most of the reachable apples from the one of the better roadside apple trees last autumn, but I did it in small amounts, and no-one else seemed to want them.  Most of the roadside apples I gathered from that tree, as well as all the others were juiced and put into containers under the hot water cylinder.

There the most attention they saw, was the mice climbing on top and leaving droppings.  Yum!

I bottled one too soon, and it turned into rather undrinkable apple cider.  Not acidic in any way, just a bit musty in flavour.    The other, I left in there ignoring it, hoping it wouldn't get moldy.

Here it is:

2015-11-10 - 03

And bottled up, turning out to be around 3.5 litres:


A huge success.  I reused the Bragg's bottles I bought, and they are still accurate.  They would indeed be organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.  And the liquid inside looks pretty much the same as the original Bragg's vinegar.  Next year, I'm going to double the amount I make.  I just have to find a use for it.

Intellisense Bugs

I've posted about this before, but my use of C in Visual Studio isn't supported by Intellisense, however it is supported by the compiler.  This means that my code compiles without warning or error, but it's more difficult to edit as the editor falsely claims there are errors.

So I sent a report to Microsoft via their easy to use customer feedback menu:

Some time later, perhaps several weeks, I received email from a program manager on the Visual C++ team asking for further detail.  I compiled two cases, both in the same narrow usage of C, and send them in.

Here's one related to struct initialisation.

And another related to anonymous unions.

I don't hold out hope that Microsoft will fix them any time soon, or even fix them at all.  Their focus is on meeting more recent C++ standards, from reading their blog posts, and this is a niche part of their C support.

But fingers crossed.