Sunday, 7 November 2010

Junk food update

They have these biscuits occasionally at work. They have a nice peachy aromatic flavour.

2010-11-06 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 06 - Alliance Green Tea & Peach Cookie box

However, it is interesting to put them on the box and compare them to the picture. I am reminded of that species of rat or monkey they feed coffee beans to and then make coffee out of its feces. Still, eaten worse looking food.

2010-11-06 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 07 - Alliance Green Tea & Peach Cookie biscuits

There's a vending machine conveniently placed outside the gym at the new hotel I am staying in. The food in there actually looks quite nice, and is reasonably priced. That reminds me.. the help left a photocopied menu for the hotel restaurant on my desk. I was almost tempted to eat there until I saw the 15% service charge note nested somewhere on the page. That feels disingenuous, like they are charging more money but want to make it look cheaper.

2010-11-06 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 08 - Salty Sweet Plum packet

I bought these assuming they would taste like the plums back home. Basically dried fruit. However, they are actually dried with pips still inside. And flavoured in a salty and sweet way. Stops you eating them too fast I guess. They cost 2 RMB.

2010-11-06 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 09 - Salty Sweet Plum pieces

These are kind of equivalent to chips I guess.

2010-11-06 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 10 - Smiling Warrior Child savoury biscuit packet

These were 3 RMB per packet. Had an okay flavour, and there were a decent number of pieces in the packet to make it worth buying. Didn't taste much like anything that I could name though.

2010-11-06 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 11 - Smiling Warrior Child savoury biscuits

Junk food update

Bought a range of junk food lately.

First were these wafers.

2010-10-27 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 01 - Garden Chocolate Wafer packet
They had no flavour, so binned.

2010-10-27 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 02 - Garden Chocolate Wafers
In the same trip, I bought these chips which had an interesting sounding flavour. Unfortunately, they did not taste anywhere near as nice as they sounded, so binned.

2010-10-27 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 03 - Mexican Tomato Chicken Chip packet
Went into Freshmart for whatever and found my favourite brand of New Zealand chocolate. I can't eat Cadbury anymore, as it is made of too much garbage.

2010-10-27 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 04 - Whittakers Dark Almond Chocolate bar
Looks pretty good. Didn't really enjoy it, will go with the peanut slab next time if they have it.

2010-10-27 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 05 - Whittakers Dark Almond Chocolate bar