Monday, 18 February 2008

Comb honey

There are two types of "home country" food cravings for me.

The first is the craving I have overseas for something which I cannot obtain in the country I am currently living in. I don't tend to ever end up eating these foods when I return to New Zealand.

The second is the craving I have for things when I have returned to New Zealand and I see these things on the shelf in a store. Things I don't remember that I like eating. These I tend to eat and enjoy, assuming I consider the price worthwhile. Of these foods, one is comb honey. But I usually see it in the tourist stores in the airport as I am departing from the country, at extortionate tourist prices (for instance 20$NZ for a small container full).

I was in Ashburton shopping one morning with my father and he suggested we check out the new farmer's market they have there. After a short walk in the sun down the exceptionally wide Ashburton streets we reached it. There were about twenty or so stalls with people selling fresh vegetables, meat products (salmon sausages anyone? I sampled them and they weren't one of lifes treasures), flowers and other assorted things. One of them was selling honey and had a stack of comb honey on the table for 4$NZ a piece. I immediately walked up and bought one.

2007-12-22 - Ashburton Farmer's Market Comb Honey - 377

2007-12-22 - Ashburton Farmer's Market Comb Honey - 379

2007-12-22 - Ashburton Farmer's Market Comb Honey - 381

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