Friday, 20 February 2009

Merging Stackless Python 3.0.1, part 2

Continues on from merging Stackless Python 3.0.1.

I wasted a lot of time already knowing what the problem was, trying to work out why there was a failure in the Python distutils test suite. I had even made a note about how, as the problem wasn't happening when I compiled the original Python 3.0.1 source code, it was more than likely because of a mismerge. Then I proceeded to play with the code I had until I noticed code differences accidentally.

There are a certain set of actions I know to do, when merging Python changes into the Stackless branches. Yet, for some reason, I just pushed them out of my mind. It reminds me of a recent article about checklists, and the difference they've made to doctors and pilots. It's hardly brain surgery, but I should really make a checklist for effective merging and print it out to put somewhere handy.

  1. Merge from the relevant Python branch, into the corresponding Stackless branch using Tortoise SVN.
  2. Compile the resulting source code.
  3. Run the Python unit tests.
  4. If there are Python unit test failures:
    1. Recompile the merged source code with STACKLESS_OFF defined. This should compile a version of Python which is identical to source Python branch.
    2. If there are Python unit test failures:
      1. Get a copy of the original Python branch and compile it.
      2. Run the Python unit tests.
      3. If there are failures, then the problem is not with Stackless. Maybe Python isn't familar with the nuances of the compilation environment being used. Maybe the Python unit test is faulty. It doesn't matter, this problem can be ignored.
    3. Otherwise, check if there was a mismerge.
      1. Install WinMerge if it is not already installed.
      2. Feed it the merged code and the original Python branch
      3. Add line-based filters until all the source control tags are excluded, like $Revision and $Id.
      4. Verify that all the differences are valid Stackless changes.
      5. Hand copy over any files from the original branch which were not merged by Tortoise SVN. Correct any mismerged lines.
  5. Run the Stackless unit tests and fix any problems.
Tortoise SVN used to be a lot more reliable. Unmerged files weren't the only problems I encountered during the merging process. There was one file which had been added to the original Python branch, which Tortoise SVN refused to add.

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