Thursday, 2 July 2009 A word from Lars

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LPMud (and corresponding the MudOS fork of it) is still a remarkable achievement. It is a virtual machine with a scripting language, code reloading, versioned instances of objects and provides an environment for a game to be developed in.

However, the way LPMud was licensed (covered in passing here) meant that commercial use of the driver was a violation. This didn't stop a furor over MUDs that used it commercially. There was various talk over the years about finding all the contributors and relicensing it, but one problem I recall was that no-one was in contact with Lars Pensjö, the author and namesake.

So, it was interesting to see the above linked post by Lars, and to hear his take on LPmud. This doesn't in anyway affect the licensing situation, I seem to recall other contributors, and perhaps a lack of record of who exactly contributed also stood in the way.

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