Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sims bakery: Steak and kidney pie

Another interesting pie that I bought with the lambs fry and bacon one, was a steak and kidney pie. On the outside it looks like any other potentially satisfying pie.

2009-07-31 - Sims bakery - 03 - Steak and kidney pie

But the oozing innards unfortunately resemble its sibling. There was too little meat substance and too much gravy. Unlike the gravy in the lambs fry pie, the steak and kidney gravy was not floury and pasty, and had some flavour. But the texture the predominance of gravy brought to the pie just didn't make it a good one.

2009-07-31 - Sims bakery - 04 - Steak and kidney pie innards

Sims also do an interesting sounding Venison pie, but at a whopping price of $6.00NZ with what experience dictates will be a distinct lack of meatiness, I'm not springing for it.


  1. Richard,

    John R., Blake, and I all agree - that looks like it is stuffed with CAT FOOD!

  2. If only cat food tasted as good, I'd be eating it :-)