Monday, 14 December 2009

Documentation for Stackless Python

Stackless Python hasn't had proper documentation. Anyone wanting to use it has had to glean the information they needed from a range of sources, including:

  • The mailing list.
  • Example code that has been written for it, much by me, including my widely used library.
  • The tutorial that was written for it by Grant Olson.
As I volunteer a lot of time and effort towards doing required tasks for Stackless, anything that no-one else has been willing to do, by default stands out as something I need to try and find time for myself.

Recently, I have been wanting to work on some personal projects and unfortunately, Stackless' need for documentation is something I am always aware of. In order to be able to better concentrate on my personal projects, I resolved to bite the bullet and write the documentation, to get it out of the way.

After a week and a bit of work, I have finally finished working on the initial release of documentation for Stackless. As it is late at night here, and I need to call it a night, I have not checked it in or uploaded it to yet, but you can see the mirrored files on my web site.

If you find this of use, or for that matter, anything else I have worked on, like the module. Then please consider donating something.

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  1. Good stuff Richard. I just emailed this to the Programmers list, so be ready for the Slashdot effect. :-)