Sunday, 9 May 2010

Kings Roast

Occasionally, I walk down New North Road and notice Kings Roast. One of the places I enjoyed meals from in Atlanta, was a nearby franchise of Boston Market. Well, apart from the cornbread, a strange form of food with a flavour akin to a combination of sand, woodchips and sugar (or more likely corn syrup).

2010-03-26 - Kings Roast - 01 - Store

They do a wide range of meals, in this case I chose the chicken one. A roast meal isn't a roast meal without kumara, although they tended to give out more potato than kumara. But with enough gravy, it all tastes good.

2010-03-26 - Kings Roast - 02 - Meal

Definitely worth a revisit. Although several months have passed, and I haven't been back, due to frugality.


  1. I thought Kumara fruit could cause spasms severe enough to rip the muscles from your bones? What does it taste like?

    Cornbread is not supposed to be sickeningly sweet. It isn't when I make it at home or my family makes it. You probably hate buttermilk biscuits too.

    I bought fish for dinner tonight and my hands reek of it. I can't get it off and I have washed my hands 3 times so far. Gross.

  2. Kumara is a New Zealand variety of sweet potato. The other things were the tree fruit nuts, Karaka I think.

    As for the smell on your hands, that's what the internet is for. If you google for it, someone will have posted a way to remove the smell. However, your keyboard will then smell of fish but that's a small price to pay.