Monday, 28 June 2010

Miscellaneous topics 1

Forum: Lifestyle Recommendations.

I am just going through the remaining topics posted within this forum, which are generally limited in size, noting anything which might be useful.

Topic: Used English Bookstore?

One post points out a shop in Fuzhou Lu.
Topic: buying mens shoes.
Locations like Decathlon to buy shoes for people with larger shoes.
Topic: ORGANIC food
Shops like Carrefour and City sell organic food, although there are concerns that it looks dubious. Mention is made that non-organic Australian meat is sold at Elders. Mention is made that a small shop sells Italian goods. Someone brings it back on topic noting that Organic Farm do online ordering and home delivery. Someone else adds Helekang and Tongchu which also do online ordering and home delivery.
Topic: Another homemade yogurt question.
I find homemade yogurt to be cheaper, and tastier, having made it in New Zealand for the past half year. Even using the better quality and more expensive milk, which makes a hugely noticeable difference in the produced yogurt, it is still easily better than either buying yogurt or using the packet method (Eziyo) of making yogurt at home.

Someone mentions that Eziyo can be found at cityshop.
It is suggested that you really need to speak Mandarin to use this site. The payment method seems to be a form of escrow. Steps outlining what you need, and what you need to do, to use the sight. Some tips for using the site, without being able to read Mandarin.
Topic: Shop Taobao in English.
Detailed instructions for how to shop Taobo in English.
Topic: Custom Made Shoes.
Differing reports on satisfaction with custom made shoes.
Topic: Using a credit card
Can you use your US credit card? "They have signs posted that they only accept cards with the UNION PAY logo."
Topic: Mailing a parcel from UK to Shanghai.
Concerns about parcels going missing, or held in customs. Tips and speculation about ensuring delivery, and the causes of delays.
Topic: Any place to ski near Shanghai?
Someone replies noting they went skiing yesterday, with details about the distance, slopes and travel cost.
Topic: Cafes with Good Coffee and Internet
A common reply is Costa.

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