Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wikidot ads getting in the way of the content

The most usable site to create a free wiki, has for some time been wikidot. But I recently went back to check on a wiki I created, and I was disturbed to see the amount of ads they inject into a page. Perhaps their business model is not working as well as they would like, and in the rush to increase incoming revenue, they're ruining the content which would bring it in. Of course, my wikis are not exactly mainstream topics, so there is little point in me paying to have the ads removed.. and they would not bring in much ad revenue anyway.

I wouldn't mind such large ads, considering I am not paying them to host it, but injecting them amongst the content ruins it, and seems rather a rather underhanded thing to do. For all anyone browsing the site knows, I am the one who is harassing them with an abusive level of ads. Visiting the wiki with this much ads almost makes it seem like some kind of scam site that is one step away from installing a virus onto your computer.

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