Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hong Kong - Thank God It's Friday

Lacking satisfying quality junk food in Shanghai, I decided to go into Thank God It's Friday as I passed it by on the street. Big mistake. The first warning should have been its location on the sixth or so floor.

2011-02-26 - Hong Kong - TGIF - 01 - Store front

I got a nice window seat. Well, it was a window seat.

2011-02-26 - Hong Kong - TGIF - 02 - Window view

First up was the salad. Too much dressing, and overpriced.

2011-02-26 - Hong Kong - TGIF - 03 - Salad

Next up was the burger. Small and way overpriced.

2011-02-26 - Hong Kong - TGIF - 04 - Plate of food

An exercise in over-buttered bread and lack of flavour.

2011-02-26 - Hong Kong - TGIF - 05 - Burger

And last was the chocolate dessert. Oh wait, they didn't bring that and when I asked for the bill they tried to charge me for it. Then they didn't return my change, when I paid the bill - maybe I was supposed to tip? In any case, the entire menu was unappealing and several of the things I tried to order they didn't have.

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