Sunday, 29 May 2011

More jian bing

Had an hour to do chores before I had to be somewhere, so I grabbed some jian bing for lunch. Started with spicy pancake, this is like the normal pancake I get.. but erm, spicier.

2011-05-21 - Jian Bing - 01 - Spicy pancake

They also had some spring roll like jian bing there.

2011-05-21 - Jian Bing - 02 - Spring roll

The texture was like something with grated potato filling, that had been parcooked and left to sit in a glass cabinet for several hours.

2011-05-21 - Jian Bing - 03 - Spring roll innards

I think I will stick with the spicy vegetable turnover and the spicy pancake from now on.

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