Sunday, 1 May 2011

Planet MUD-Dev

Finding blogs about text-based MUD development is hard. But I've always thought that if there were a well moderated aggregator that collected together quality blogs of relevance, then it should act as a magnet for other programmers to request that their blog also be added. So here it is, an aggregator seeded with a variety of relevant blogs that I searched long and hard for. The aggregated feeds are restricted to tags and categories that are directly relevant to text-based MUD development. If any blogs were too broad in subject, I emailed their author and requested use of MUD-Dev related tags or categories and refrained from their inclusion.

If you want your blog added, you can find contact information on the Planet web page.


Setting up the Planet software on Bluehost was actually pretty straightforward. What took most of the time was scouring Google looking for relevant feeds to add to the Planet. Google is rife with garbage links that include keywords of no relevance to themselves, just to get attention. Perhaps it is time to try Bing, or DuckDuckGo..


  1. I haven't done any MUD coding in a long, long time. However I'm glad that you've created this resource. I've been finding it fun to read various posts to see what people have been up to :)