Friday, 9 September 2011

Amiga game playthrough videos

There weren't many Amiga games available in my New Zealand home town. The few that made it there, were too expensive or unappealing. There were many games in the computer magazines (which were readily available) which I wanted to play but was unable to. These days people play through (AKA longplay) the old computer games, record it in their entirety and then upload it to YouTube. This gives me a chance to see what the games had to offer, without having to invest the time myself.

Link: Recorded Amiga Games.
Link: Longplays YouTube channel.


Castle Master:


There's actually a lot of playthroughs for games for other platforms, even recent games. Gives me a chance to experience the best parts of a game without wasting time and money to find out if it was worth it. Not that I would have played them anyway.

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