Sunday, 18 December 2011

MUD development blogs wanted

MUD development blogs are not that common.  Besides the initial set we started with on Planet MUD-Dev, it is rare that new blogs are found to be added.  If you know of any that meet the criteria, please comment on this post and let me know the URL.

Blog suitability criteria

  • Should contain posts about development of a text-based MUD.
  • This can be played a browser, played in a custom client or of course a standard telnet client.
  • Multiplayer roguelikes are considered suitable, as long as their game is represented with text.
  • Tags or categories should be used to separate suitable posts from off-topic ones.  If not, and off-topic posts are too common, I do not add the blogs.
As it is hard to find blogs, I do not complain to blogs that do not meet the last criteria.  The first three primarily represent my interests, as otherwise I wouldn't be interested in running this aggregator.

Unfortunately, I noticed three blogs died.  While they didn't have recent posts, having them on the aggregator was useful both to collect any unlikely and unexpected new posts, but also mainly to point to them for anyone interested in doing some MUD-related readings.

Removed blogs
  • DGDhub.  Site is present, but content removed.
  • Iron Realms.  Default unconfigred web server install now appears at this location.
  • Ryan Hampshire.  Blog deleted.

Here are tables of analytics data for anyone else who is procrastinating.

Keywords through which this blog was found.

The most common sources of traffic.

And that's it, I should really do some MUD coding.  Or at least something more productive.

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