Thursday, 15 December 2011

Xi'an - Beiyuanmen - Quesadillas

This stall on Beiyuanmen (北院门) always had a queue no matter what time I went past. First thing in the morning, the afternoon or even late at night.

2011-11-19 - Xian - Quesadillas - 00 - Stall

You basically choose a filling, or combination. Beef and lamb are both options, as well as a variety of generic looking rabbit foods. Meat is more expensive, of course. I think it was maybe 7 RMB for the one without meat, and 10 RMB for one with. Lady one takes the money, constructs the uncooked "quesadillas" and also on receiving the cooked ones slices and hands out the finished product to the customer.

2011-11-19 - Xian - Quesadillas - 03 - Lifting

Lady two fries them and bungs them over to lady one.

2011-11-19 - Xian - Quesadillas - 01 - Frying

Then you get a bag with four quarters which look something like this.

2011-11-19 - Xian - Quesadillas - 05 - Innards

Extra extra spice was added on request to mine, but I think you'd be better off adding some rabbit food to get more flavour.  This was nicely, and not overly spicy.

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