Friday, 9 December 2011

Xi'an - Looks like savoury potatoes

I don't remember what this dish was called, but it was common to see out in front of restaurants in a large pan like this.  To me, it looked like a potato dish.  So when it was recommended to me in restaurant, and was 5 RMB, I gave it a shot.

2011-11-16 - Xian - 09 - Big frypan of grass sand dish

Very little flavour and a gritty texture.

2011-11-16 - Xian - 10 - Grass sand dish

Translating the menu, I seem to remember it being called something related to sand and grass. Having seen a pan of it being prepared from scratch later on, the chunks looked like a clear and opaque solid. Perhaps some kind of gelatine based mixture.

There's a reason this one isn't recommended on the tourism related websites..

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