Sunday, 20 May 2012

Planet MUD-Dev update

One new blog has been added to the aggregator:

Two blogs have died and been removed from the aggregator:
  • Lysator.  An extremely productive developer, inspired me to work on my own MUD.  Kicked off the one he worked on because of politics, presumably the blog has been discarded.
  • Ruby MUD.  This one has been dead a long time I believe.  The link was there in case it came alive.

  • This blog.  Turns out it was pointing to the awkward feedburner thing I have stopped using because it got in the way of subscribing to labels.

Frankly it is a miracle the aggregator is working.  Bluehost has changed something and python no longer works in the shell, however the cron script appears to bypass the shell configuration and uses the default Python installation.. and hence things still work.

If you know of any MUD blogs which meet the criteria and are not already here, then please sing out!  Also, if you're involved in any community projects like the Imaginary Realities thing, some blog posts about the progress on a weekly basis might be a good idea.

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