Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Planet MUDDev notification

You may receive some duplicate Planet MUDDev blog entries. This may happen when the hosting provider switches from Bluehost to Hostmonster in the next couple of days. The same software is running on the new host, and it is configured the same way, and will be available from the same address. So it should transition seamlessly, but open source price gives open source quality! :-)

The reason for the switch is that I will be moving to a location without internet access, and my existing domain name hosting was to expire on the 2nd of May. The joy of switching hosting providers and domain name registrars in preparation for this, is described here: hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Also, for those who have read this far, there should be a new Planet RoguelikeDev appearing when the switch is complete. This is intended to contain the same sort of content as Planet MUDDev, namely posts covering the process of developing a roguelike. I would have made the link work right away, but the joy of switching hosting providers and domain name registrars prevents me from doing so.


  1. Ha, I didn't even notice I wasn't getting RL posts from Elderlore until I asked myself why you were starting a new RL planet.

  2. My interest in development specific posts, is probably different to what Elderlore covers.

    If you've got any blog recommendations to add, please let me know. As it is, Planet MUDDev has accrued a critical mass so that people email me and ask for their blogs to be added. I'd like to see the same happen for Planet RLDev, as it is at that point the value of a planet aggregator becomes really worthwhile.