Friday, 27 September 2013

Old Bejing home occasion dishes

I don't know what the name of this place was, but the specials board caught my eye as I was walking randomly around Beijing. The sign at the top says laobeijingjiachangcai, which I vaguely interpret using my declining chinese reading skills, as saying "old beijing home occasion dishes."

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 01 - Store front

Here's a close up of the store front menu, where there was a special on crab for Friday.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 02 - Store front menu

The service was nice enough, and there weren't many people there.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 03 - Inside

The szechuan peppercorn bean dish was not the nicest I had tasted.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 04 - Szechuan peppercorn beans

The fried crabs with spicy salt were okay, but nothing really special. They'd be a nice bar food I guess, with some beer to wash them down.

2011-11-25 - Beijing restaurant - 05 - Fried crabs with spicy salt

Unfortunately, I didn't photograph the receipt for this place.

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