Sunday, 13 April 2014

Guard chickens

My chickens have taken to perching on my roadside gate.  Normally, they'll work their way down there after being let out of the coop in the morning, grazing grass tips, insects or whatever it is they eat.  Then they'll sit on the gate for ten minutes before making their way back.

Today they sat there for over half an hour.  Thankfully they don't go any further, but that's likely because they want to stay within roaming distance of the coop.  Or because there are hawks that fly over, occasionally.

Looking from the paddock out to the roadside gate:

Looking in from the roadside gate to the paddock:

The neighbour pulled up as I was taking the roadside photo.  I'm surprised neither she, nor the kids, have seen them perching there.  She also mentioned that she's never eaten a bought egg in her life, and the only ones she's ever eaten have been free range home dropped.

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