Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Propagation / 2013-2014 / Elderflower

Elderberries, elderflowers, they're something you can do something with. Champagne, cordial, and more. I've got an Elder tree on the north side of my house, but I decided I wanted some more. So as I drove around and passed them everywhere, I took note of the whichever ones looked like they had the most berries. Then I hopped the fence and took some green cuttings of new season growth. These were dipped in my inherited Grandfather's rooting hormone, and then popped in a pot each

Cutting, Elder - 01 - 2013-11-17

The last picture showed their initial propensity to droop. I wondered if they were going to make it, but then they'd be up again the next morning. It was probably just an intial struggle of sorts.

Cutting, Elder - 01 - 2013-11-18

A month later, they had settled in.

Cutting, Elder - 01 - 2013-12-22

And a finally, two months after planting, they were obviously doing pretty well.

Cutting, Elder - 2014-01-16
They will be planted out in another year or so. While my goal might be to have as much variety of plants on my property which provide edible growth, really, if I think about it, I can get as much elderberries or elderflowers as I want by driving around a bit. But then again, it's an interesting experiment in what sort of cuttings will grow.

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