Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kohlrabi / 2013-2014

I'd never heard of Kohlrabi until I lived in Iceland, where someone I worked with used to bring in some she grew. The flavour is something I'd describe as something like a sweeter crisper mini-turnip.

Day X+0: Not sure when I planted it out. Like most of my seed sowing, I did it rather rough, and just put them in soil in a tray and placed the tray outside. It would then have gotten hail and snow on it, for short durations.

Kohlrabi - 01 - 2013-11-08 - Seedlings

Day X+6: Six more days later.

Kohlrabi - 01 - 2013-11-14 - Seedlings

Day X+45: Thirty nine more days later, planted out.

Garden Bed, Granny Smith - 2013-12-22 - Kohlrabi

Day X+85: Forty more days later.

Kohlrabi - 2014-02-01 - 57

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have taken any more pictures. I ended up getting maybe 10 decent sized kohlrabi harvested. A rabbit or hare came along at some point and bit the top off several plants. I also put the last kohlrabi into a kimchi made from other things I harvested, but eventually yeast grew on top of it.

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