Monday, 27 October 2014

Mysterious Incursion bug

In changes to Incursion back in August, I fixed compiler warnings related to casting. In theory, the changes should have been side-effect free. Testing of the specific lines of code, indicates this is the case. But people were reporting crashes related to the "room weights algorithm". In this case RM_Weights is an array of unsigned int, and c and tot are signed short.

      tot += max(0,RM_Weights[i*2+1]);
    c = random(tot); 
      if (c < RM_Weights[i*2+1])
        goto RM_Chosen;
        c -= RM_Weights[i*2+1];
    Fatal("Strange Error in room weights algorithm.");
    RType = RM_Weights[i*2];
    RM_Weights[i*2+1] = -1;

I was unable to reproduce the crashes, although others reported doing so up to 15% of the time.

Were the crashes always there and were they merely hidden by all the other crashes, which have previously been fixed? Or are they caused by some unreproducible nuance of the casting? I'm guessing the former.

There's an obvious bug in the above logic. Points to whomever spots it without looking at my fixes on bitbucket.

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