Wednesday, 31 December 2014


When I have a problem with a computer program, usually I can find some internet reference to the problem. Sometimes with a solution, and sometimes just a definitive statement that whomever made the program won't be fixing it. But there are some problems I find no mention of, yet I can't be the only person who encounters them?

The problem I encounter the most, is with search suggestions in Chrome. If you enter words that relate to a page you have visited, it will often provide the link to that page as a match. Then you can scroll down to the match, select it. But it doesn't always seem to work.

  1. Sometimes as you type out the letters in a word, the link will appear and as you add more letters to complete the word, the link will disappear to be replaced by plain old search keywords. So you delete a few letters back to where you were, and the link does not reappear. Then you delete the whole word, and start again, and the link is still not to be seen.
  2. Other times you'll have typed out your search keywords, and the previously visited link you want appears in the matches. So you move down the list to select it, and it disappears! What the shit?! That link you want isn't coming back unless you work around this problem too.

It is possible to force the link to appear, if you know the domain name, and one of the words in the URL. Like "permies contour" where a link is on and has a page path including the word 'contour', like for instance

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