Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Imaginary Realities article submission deadline reached

With the start of June, and coincidentally with it the start of Winter, we have passed the article submission deadline for the next issue.  Seven articles have been submitted, and are in the hands of the editors and proofers, for them to work their magic.

A loose deadline for publication is set for the end of the month, specifically July 1st.  But this of course requires the publication process to run its course.  Once the editing and proofing is done, then a draft version of the site will be put together by myself, and provided for authors and editors/proofers to give the thumbs up.  And at that point, the new issue will go live and will be announced.  There may be some delay, if things take longer and require a little extra time to get things done.

We will be replacing the Imaginary Realities subreddit with Disqus comment sections at the bottom of articles, unless something goes wrong.  The framework is in place for this to be done, it just requires the articles to be published for it to come into place.

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