Friday, 12 June 2015

Imaginary Realities website updated!

I've finally found the time to give the Imaginary Realities website a more updated look.  The main change is that it's now generated by Jinja2, a Python templating library which I'd thoroughly recommend.  It made everything simple, up to and including picking out and including the featured article.

There's always more to do.  The next steps are likely to be taking advantage of the Reddit and Disqus Python APIs to make discussion of articles more readily discovered.

There's a whole lot of shenanigans with Disqus and something I think they call "Discover." At first you could opt out of it showing on your website, now you can kind of opt out of having your own posts discoverable.  It's unclear whether this means that you  will one day wake up and find giant rows of thumbnails of various trashy thumbnails and links to "top 10 celebrities who benefited from an all cabbage diet" and so forth.  I googled for ages trying to work this out, and they don't seem to appear at the moment, so fingers crossed.  The license for this site is Creative Commons non-commercial, so we'd have to look for a Disqus replacement if this started happening.

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