Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Imaginary Realities volume 7, issue 3 is out!

The latest issue of Imaginary Realities is now available for reading.  Volume 7, issue 3.

It features the following articles:

  • A text MUD with a working ecology system
  • Dispelling the gloom
  • How integral are letters and text to ASCII gaming?
  • Legend and the lore
  • The bonds of mudding
  • The mercurial temperament at the end of the world
  • Where do I begin?
With one article related to roguelikes, another to interactive fiction and the rest to mudding, it should provide our most diverse collection yet.

PDF and EPUB e-books are not currently available.  The new website generation creates these automatically, rather than manually as they were made before.  But unfortunately, getting them to look nice enough to be worth distributing requires a little more work.  They'll be added back to the website before (or with) the next issue hopefully.

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