Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Flowering potatoes and sprouting walnuts

The moimoi potatoes I grew from potato seeds are flowering well.  As well as these flowers, there are smaller ones still coming on.

2016-02-02 - 01

Unfortunately, the moimoi tray was tipped over by the chickens in the shed, and were mixed with who knows what.  So there are some other potatoes flowering.  If I want to save seed from the moimoi, I need to dehead these and mark any existing flowers that may have been cross pollinated with these.

2016-02-02 - 02

Maybe a year ago, I was given large walnuts from some store.  Maybe a Chinese supermarket.  So a while ago after having them sitting in the cupboard, I planted them all in a pot and left them outside.  It looks like one has sprouted.  Of course, walnuts have a 6-10 year period before they produce more nuts if I recall correctly..

2016-02-02 - 15

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