Sunday, 26 June 2016

Tree lucerne dying

In the beginning, the idea was to buy or save seed and grow things. In theory what is a permaculture fantasy, in practice it just doesn't work out as idealised. One of the things I bought was tagasaste or tree lucerne seed, from Trade Me.  What tended to happen was that I'd prepare the seed and remove the coats, and find spiders had been growing inside them eating the seed.  Twice I did this.

In the end, I just went online and bought seedlings from Appleton's tree nursery.  It cost me a few bob, but at least it resulted in actual trees and less time wasted.

Unfortunately, a few have been dying off.  They tend to go grey, and I guess the roots die and they can just be pulled out of the soil.  Two to the west of this one died a few months ago, not long after planting.  This one has just started greying (look at the lower part of it) in the last month, I guess.

Tree lucerne - 2016-06-24 - 01 - Diseased

I have another six over the other side of the orchard, and they are consistently fine.  They're sitting up on either side of the water race, so perhaps it's about the drainage.

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