Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Webinar: Sirtuins, Aging and Disease

A recent post to the CR Society mailing list pointed out a video recording of a seminar which aimed to "introduce people to sirtuin biochemistry," and was freely available (not counting the tedium of having to register with their website) to watch.

A lot of the posts to the mailing list are summaries of recent research and mention things which seem beyond my understanding like sirtuin. Normally, I stare at them until I realise I don't really know enough to understand them and delete them, feeling a little guilty about missing out on useful information. Because of this, I couldn't justify deleting the email and left it sitting in my inbox. As I've been having a clean out today, I found myself watching the seminar so I could get rid of the email.

I found it quite an educational hour. It covered a range of topics of interest to me, in relation to sirtuins; particularly calorie restriction and resveratrol supplementation. I've let my calorie restriction slip since I left Iceland. I am however, supplementing with resveratrol which I bought on a whim.

After watching the seminar, I feel like recommitting to calorie restriction again. And given that the seminar mentioned that resveratrol needs to be taken in large doses, I suspect that I am undersupplementing and should look into that.

Anyway, the company which provides the seminar will apparently be shutting down at the end of the year. So if anyone would watch it, they need to do so before then.

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