Monday, 30 March 2009

PyCon: CCP tools and tips presentation online

Did my presentation today. Although I had practiced the actual speaking part twice, I hadn't practiced running the EVE applications (our systems testing tool and our content development tool). Initially, I had planned to go into some implementation detail, but with only 25 minutes and wanting to give as broad an overview into our use of Python as possible, this wasn't possible.

A technical problem which got in the way was the inability to get what was on my screen output to the projector. Back when I had a Dell, the switch button worked and took care of this. On the work VAIO, it was not happening. Kristjan, who did the other CCP presentation, which followed mine, also had the same problem with his VAIO.

I hope that someone got some value out of it. It was somewhat reassuring to get people coming up after the talk, despite the lack of question time, to ask about various aspects. Someone even managed to check out the open source project I linked to - which was good, but they also pointed out its lack of documentation. I concentrated on getting the code working ready for my presentation and was relieved to get that much done.

The slides are also now uploaded to the conference website.

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