Saturday, 21 March 2009

PyCon presentation progress report

I previously posted about my PyCon presentation in the post "Making games in Python - Tools and techniques at CCP". This one is a report on the progress in writing it.

A rough draft of my presentation was finished last week but I still needed to edit it and concentrate down all the details. In order to encourage myself to finish it, I scheduled a practice presentation for my coworkers next week. However, two are going to be at GDC, so I did a unprepared really rough preview presentation for them.

While to some degree the presentation was a little confused because of its unedited state, it was definitely worthwhile to get an early chance to do it.

  • It was way too long for the 25 minutes which I have alloted.
  • The implementation details are too confusing and time consuming.
  • Less text and more pictures.
  • Possibilities for more and clearer explanation highlighted.
The new open source implementation of the namespacing and code reloading is getting there. It should be ready to offer as a hand-wavey method of covering the implementation related aspects, given the lack of time to do so in the presentation.

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