Sunday, 22 November 2009

Seasoned Anchovy with Sesame Seed

I caved and tried the Thai seasoned anchovy snacks today. It's strange that such a large amount of anchovy can be so cheap, given how expensive anchovies are in the tin.

2009-11-21 - Groceries - 03 - Seasoned Anchovy with Sesame Seed

At first they taste like harĂ°fiskur, the traditional Icelandic dried fish. Except rather than a large hard lump which you have to tear mouthfuls from, each is a nice bite size. The next flavour that comes through is the sweet sesame coating. In fact, after the first mouthful that is the only flavour that comes through and tends to become overpowering. It makes me wish they sold an unseasoned variety.

2009-11-21 - Groceries - 05 - Seasoned Anchovy with Sesame Seed

I used to love potato chips, but these days they don't taste like food anymore. Instead they just feel like processed gunk in my mouth. Despite the cloying flavour, seasoned anchovies are a nice alternative. I'll definitely have to try the other flavour, which I think was chilli seasoning.

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  1. Just bought these from my local Asian supermarket, and to me there really isn't any "fish taste" at all. Somebody could tell me they were tempura batter covered with sweet soy sauce, and I'd believe them. With their protein content, they can be healthier than potato chips, however (but for that purpose I prefer my pork rinds).