Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sriracha chili sauce

One of the foodstuffs more readily available in the United States, was sriracha chili sauce. Pretty much any supermarket I went to had the standard rooster brand. To get it in New Zealand, I need to visit an asian supermarket.

The asian supermarket down the road and round the corner from my flat sells two brands, Mr Number One and Shark Brand.

Mr Number One

2009-11-22 - Sriracha - 01 - Squirt bottle

Interestingly, this has "Tương Ớt Sriracha" on the bottle. The wikipedia page I linked to above says that this is the rooster brand. Not sure why they would use a different label in New Zealand, as the rooster one has such a good reputation.

Shark Brand

2009-11-22 - Sriracha - 02 - Large bottle

20% sugar?! WTF? I might have to stop putting sriracha on my food. Mr Number One has 1g of sugar in a 5g serving, which is the same amount. Still, it could be worse - it could contain high fructose corn syrup.

I'd prefer to photograph the bottles standing up on the kitchen bench, but I'm afraid I'd catch a herd of cockroaches swarming across the wall in the background. If not them, then unsightly stains of unknown foods from the past.

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  1. I am so glad that you are making food posts again! They are my favorite, of course. I would love to find Mr Number One Sriracha sauce (because it makes me giggle), but we only have the rooster brand over here. Pretty please continue to make food posts? They are awesome :)