Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Donut King smoothies

They sell day passes for the underground trains (aka metro) here. However, they do not sell them at every stop. So we went one stop to Jing'an Temple where they sold them, and then headed up and out to see the information center to get some pointers on interesting places to check out over and above what we already had noted down. At the information center they sort of shrugged and handed up a pamphlet on paid tours.. so we browsed the other pamphlets on the walls, found a nice map and left.

At that point, I asked if we should go get a donut before we headed off. My fellow sightseer found that to be an appealing idea, so we headed over the road. Among a wide range of kinds of donuts on sale, they had shredded pork ones, and for the really daring, spicy shredded pork. One of the girls behind the counter indicated it was not okay for me to take a photo of the donuts behind the display, but I took some of the smoothies we bought. I think they cost around 26 yuan each, and they were the larger size.

The green tea smoothie which had chocolate mixed into it. I am told it was good.

2010-07-25 - Donut King - 02 - Green tea smoothie

The grapefruit smoothie which actually taste like both frozen grapefruit and ice ground together, which is always a good thing. I know this was very good.

2010-07-25 - Donut King - 01 - Grapefruit smoothie

I would definitely buy this again, if I wanted a cool refreshing drink. It was expensive, but then again so were all the donuts.

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