Sunday, 25 July 2010

Seasoned seaweed

There are a lot of snacks and foods in general here in Shanghai that are alien to me. Going out on a limb and buying random items is not generally worth it, and it's best to go by items I have seen others buy. They put out a huge mound of junk food in the office every day mid-afternoon, and I try the occasional interesting looking item. One of these was seasoned seaweed.

This is a different brand than the one in the office, but it tastes pretty much the same. It's a nice light refreshing snack, that satisfies the urge to eat something.

2010-07-24 - Seasoned Seaweed - 01 - Packet

The larger packet contains mini-packets inside.

2010-07-24 - Seasoned Seaweed - 02 - Packet

And mini-packets contain around four different thin pieces of seaweed paper.

2010-07-24 - Seasoned Seaweed - 03 - Leaves

There are little stores, what we would call back home "dairies" on every block, and the one beside my hotel building was where I bought these for around 10 yuan.

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