Friday, 17 September 2010

Street food yet again

I was walking back from shopping at a foreigner-oriented store, and was passing the street vendor I had taken the following photo of, in this previous post. As it is Friday, I decided to buy some of their wares.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - 03 - Street food vendor

I call this one "weed bundle".

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 01 - Weed bundle

Here's why..

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 02 - Weed bundle innards

Some cooked vegetables just seem suited for wrapping in a fried casing. Think leeks, and then think how they would taste well cooked and wrapped in a fried casing. It isn't something aimed at the palate of a westerner like myself.

Another new item I decided to try, is this flat bun. I was expecting something to be inside it, and for it to be something like those ones that have bean paste inside. In retrospect, I am calling this one "stale flat bun".

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 03 - Stale flat bun

You can see how stale it is, just by looking at it.

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 04 - Stale flat bun innards

I also bought some of the standard "pancake". This wasn't altogether bad, but it was the worst pancake I have bought yet. Maybe buying it at this time of the day, just gets you the ones that have been sitting there for a while.

2010-09-12 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 05 - Pancake

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