Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Different cultural norms

When I was taking taxi rides out to the other side of the city every two weeks, I would go down the same curving scenic road. The footpath on the side we drove was lined leading up to a wall with grass and then garden. The garden in turn was lined with men standing in full view taking a leak on the wall (I recall seeing three along it in one day).

I was walking along the road past the fronts of shops and homes, and a few of the houses had a small section of lawn, which is pretty unique as most buildings face up to the footpath. On the lawn was a toddler squatting and taking care of business.

Last night, walking home from the nearby metro stop I reached a main-ish street corner I needed to wait for the traffic lights on. Cue another Shanghai experience where a tween girl was squatting and going to the toilet on the far side of the rubbish bin. I step there every other day! Remind me to never wear my shoes into my apartment :(

Different country, different cultural norms I guess.

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