Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Soofish restaurant

Walking home from the Jing'an metro stop, I was pretty exhausted from the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum fake market bartering. So I decided to order something from this restaurant that I pass every other day.

2010-10-05 - Shanghai - Soofish restaurant - 01 - Store front

The waiter pointed to the greens page, and especially this item. I don't know what it was, but I have seen the greens in the Chinese supermarket back home. It was pretty tasty, and only mildly spicy. I figured it was time to learn how to take pictures without using the flash, so this picture turned out a little dark.

2010-10-05 - Shanghai - Soofish restaurant - 02 - Peppered greens

Originally for a main dish, I ordered spicy eel. But the waiter came back out after five minutes, opened the menu and pointed at the eel. I was a little confused for a bit, then I realised that they can't have had any in stock so confirmed it in Mandarin. I wasn't going to eat the "Fucked Bullfrog", so I chose some kind of mutton and pepper dish. These restaurants must all have the same menu, as they have the same Engrish.

2010-10-05 - Shanghai - Soofish restaurant - 03 - Peppers and mutton

This was extremely good. The peppers were mild chillis and sichuan, the latter really added a nice edge to the dish. I can't positively identify this as mutton, it they may have switched it for pork for all I know.

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