Wednesday, 5 January 2011

KFC breakfast

I don't normally eat KFC, but since I was at work over the weekend I decided to sample some things.

This guy looks too busy to have time to stop in at KFC. Service is so slow, you order then wait around five minutes for them to make one item you ordered that they don't happen to have made already.

2011-01-04 - KFC - 03 - Takeaway bags

Bacon and egg muffin thing - passable, but hardly the level of taste and quality that the McDonalds equivalent is. With the coffee, this was 13 RMB I think. Three hash brown like things, which were an extra 3 RMB when bought along with the muffin and coffee. And finally, a chicken congee, which cost 6 RMB.

2011-01-04 - KFC - 04 - Breakfast day one

These look so much bigger on the poster. In the carton, which isn't that large, they are small chunks that sit at the bottom. It is almost embarassing to get sold these.

2011-01-04 - KFC - 05 - Incredibly tiny hash browns

The bacon and egg mcmuffin like product.

2011-01-04 - KFC - 06 - Bacon egg muffin

The chicken congee. This was worth it. I'd seriously consider buying this and a coffee, in place of trying other random items of junk food on their menu.

2011-01-04 - KFC - 07 - Chicken congee